Saturday, May 1, 2010

Quotation of the Day

"We are more than we imagine ourselves to be."   —  Veronica Chambers
I cannot put a value on what "others" are and what they mean to me and the value they bring to my life.  Yet when I express my gratitude often the response is one of surprise or disbelief of the impact they deliver just by being who they are, who you are.
I have been truly impacted by people I have never met, even by conversation I heard but was not a participant.   
Then looking at the growth life has forced upon me and accomplishment circumstances required I complete; had I been left to my own interpretation of my capabilities I would have become and accomplished much less.  Life knew better my true capabilities. 
Knowing that each of you are so much more to me than you probably imagine, I am sure the same may be true in reverse.  And if I didn't wait for life create opportunity or need for growth, if I would dream and believe I could accomplish miracles each day, is there a limit to what I could do? 
I am confident I have little concept of the "more" I am beyond my imagination; as I am sure is true with all.  The pleasure I'd know if I could assure that "more" was always loving, positive and inspirational and accomplishment it would be if I were able to make it an intently and having as much faith in what is possible as life seems to have.   
Anything you like to share? 
Love you all,
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